Our Holiday in Bahrain

Well this has probably been the best holiday i have had in a long time. The journey there and back were pretty stressful but the holiday itself made up for it. Once we had arrived and finally got our visas … (read more)

No longer updating this site

Keep tell in myself to update this page but never find time, so I will no longer be updating this blog. It will just be for archiving purposes. My other blog is http://www.sam-and-nick.co.uk this will be our family blog. Going … (read more)

2012 is here

As you can see i dont update this a lot anymore. To be honest i dont have time to do much website work online anymore. Kaiden is now 6 months old and he is growing up into a cheeky little … (read more)

Kaiden is born

Thought id do a little update! Kaiden was born on the 5th July 2011. He weighed 9lbs 2oz! Labour was a bit rough and very very sore! Noone knew he was going to be that big! He is now 16 … (read more)

Roughly 4 weeks to go!

Scary how quickly its going. 4 weeks to go on Sunday until the baby’s due date. Though i suppose he could come at any time or be late! We have pretty much everything we need for the baby which is … (read more)