New York Day 4…


Went to Madamme Tussards (sp? lol) Wax Museum. It was very freaky!!!! Added the pictures to the gallery.

Well its our last day, we have got everyone a gift, and we have done everything we wanted to do. So basically we have to go to the airport 2morra, and we get home Saturday. So next time i will write a lil bit i should be back home! ๐Ÿ˜€ Bye bye for now ๐Ÿ˜€

New York Day 3

My god im actually updating this more than once a week!

2day we headed down on the number 1 subway to Ground Zero, then headed over to Wall Street (i dont have a clue whats suppose to be there but nothing interesting anyway lol), then we headed over to Brooklyn Bridge.

We didnt stay out long cos it was raining and Simon kept moaning that it was raining, so i took 3 pics of Brooklyn Bridge and just headed back! Its only rain! Not like its gonna hit you and kill you lol.

Anyway i cant wait to get home cos my brace is seriously hurting now lol.

New York Day 2 hehe

So 2day we got up, did our washing….that took a while! SO NO MORE WASHIN!! yahoo!

We then headed out to the hot dog stand….but he has gone!!!!! nooooooooo. So i headed to Subway instead.

We then got on the subway and headed down to Times Square, we looked around the shops and walked down to 34th street for more shops. I got another DVD, hehehe , we headed to where the fireworks were gonna be but it was too hot and both of us coodnt be bothered waiting five hours till they started. So we headed back to the hostel instead. (there were queues building up already! seriously!!!)

So now we r sittin in the TV lounge. Once again! lol Oh well. 2morra i think we r gonna go to Ground Zero if we can.


We have made it back to New York…i wood say safely but my finger got caught in the suitcase wheel, and the people at Toronto airport made me wait till they had sorted out my finger b4 letting me go! lol

For some reason the metal detectors keep going off, so i have to keep getting searched!ย  ๐Ÿ™ ย lol. Every since i put the key for the suitcase on my necklace! hmmmm lol

So we have our dorm room. Havent seen the couple yet, but there are 2 people in there. 2morra we r doing our last washing, so we will have dirty clothes to wash when we get back LOL.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Also 2morra is July 4th, so i think we might be going out to the East side of town to see the fireworks….i think lol

Wednesday and Thursday we will be trying to fit in Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Wax Musuem….and shopping cos Simon needs to get presents! LOL ….always leaving it till the last minute!

….oh yer might not be on as much here cos we have to pay for the internet! ….and they only give u 24 hours!!!!! How annoying!

Anyway best go. 4 nights till we leave ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Canada Day!

dont know if people actually say that but its Canada Day and everyone will be getting pissed! hehe….not me though. ๐Ÿ™

Ill add the rest of the pics up later on 2day (its like 1am, so ill add them in the afternoon after i sleep!!)….you can see the scared look on my face as i get my pic taken on the glass floor of the CN Tower!!

Bye 4 now