16 miles – Cycling Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Cycling = Fun
Cycling = PAIN
Cycling = BAD!

Cycling over the bridge was fine…it was the cycling b4 and after the bridge that just burned my leg muscles!! 16 miles…the most excerise ive probably done in 5 years!

Im just about to edit all the pics ive taken from San Francisco and ill probs have them uploaded by the end of the night!

Booked the last 3 journeys we have to take….we still have a week with nowhere to stay…but we might just stay in Toronto for an extra week, as we are only staying there 4 nights just now which isnt a lot. Decided to book a plane journey from Toronto to New York as they train takes over 12 hours and we arrive in New York at night 70 blocks away from the hostel…so i made simon give me his card to pay for the flight…ive paid him back its ok! LOL

Nothing much else has happened…hopefully i wont be in pain 2morra! lol