16th May – Grand Canyon

Howdy πŸ˜€

We arrived yesterday at 6am in Flagstaff, 30 miles away from the Grand Canyon. The hostel is VERY noisy as its near the railway line, and the trains here beep their horns constantly lol. We have a nice lil room with a double bed – yep i have to share with simon . We hqave no bathroom but we do have a sink! LOL

So yesterday we looked around and went to the shop for food…along route 66. Simon got his hair cut…looks much better now! lol. 2day we r heading out to a park for a walk…its near some lovely mountains – think they r called San Francisco Mountains or something. Then we will head back to the shop (its like a 2 mile up route 66 lol) as i need some stuff. Hopefully that will waste a few hours or something. lol

2morra we r heading out to the Grand Caynon with the hostel on a tour. Hopefully all should go well! Then thursday we might head to Sedona. Thats only if more people sign up at the hostel as it needs at least 5 people and it only has me and simon on it just now! πŸ™

Better go Ciao

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