25th May – Sitting Around

Hey, we havent done anything 2day. I booked tickets last night for Alcatraz but there was an error so i phoned them (YES I PHONED THEM!) and it took 10 pounds off my mobile – Simon woodnt let me use his as it would waste his money – even though his is an american phone number. So after wasting all my money Simon finally gave me his phone – after A LOT of moaning. And after about 30 minutes to an hour of trying i finally got through, and they said i hadnt booked any tickets (that must have been what the error was talking about!!) So i booked 2 tickets for 2morra.

So 2morra we will head out about 11am and head slowly up the road. Take a detour to go to Lombard Street (the crookedest street) and then head up to Fishermans Wharf to Pier 41 to get our tickets. Take some pictures of Pier 39 (famous cos of its been overtaken by seals, they love to sunbathe there – dont know why cos its freezing here!) Head on the tour to Alcatraz and then head back to the hostel.

Saturday i think we will walk around and see China town and some of the shopping centres.

Sunday we will hire bikes and cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge.

All should be fun if Simon stops annoying me so much…but i dont see that happening soon.

Better go  🙂