Broken Brace & Homeless People

Firstly….ive broken my brace even more…yes i broke it about 4 weeks ago, but now its broken even more!!! The metal bit has come right off my tooth (the back tooth)….so now i have an elastic band dangling in my mouth and a huge piece of wire stuck in my gum!! And i dread eating or swallowing just incase the metal piece comes off the wire and chokes me! (it seems to move up and down the wire but wont actually come off!!) So now i have 4 weeks of pain and suffering to put up with again.

…now onto the next topic of discussion…Homeless people. When i come home i wont be giving any charities money for a while. The amount of people ive handed money just to stop them bothering me. Not that simon helps…he walks poat a money who asks for change, he turns to me and goes “u have money give it her”…so she walks up to me and puts her basket thing out in front of me so i have to go through my wallet and find money to give her…even though its me who is struggling for money! grrr

…Went to Vancouver Lookout 2day, which is just like the Space Needle and the Empire State Building. And we have the CN tower in toronto go go up too! lol. Gonna try getting the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay and then get a bus up to Grouse Mountain in the next few days…also the same bus goes to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Just need to find out the prices though.

Anyway better go..more pics coming soon