Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park


Im in one piece  🙂   . Left the hostel at 8.30am . Walked for 1/2 an hour to the subway station and got the train to Yorkdale. We then had to get a bus to the theme park. The queues were HUGE, and then park had only just opened. We FINALLY managed to get in, and headed for the rides.

I managed 7 or 8 rollercoasters b4 we headed back lol. On Top Gun, is records the whole ride (u have a camera in front of ur face)…i didnt watch the video (which u can buy on dvd), but we r heading back to go on the rest of the rollercoasters so i think we r gonna try Top Gun again and then buy the DVD, so everyone can laugh at me scared out of my pants of the ride! LOL I really dont like rollercoasters but Simon thinks im a scaredy cat!

We went on the Tomb Raider ride which u lie down on! That was a werid one! Going upside down when ur laying down! LMAO. Might go on that one again!

Anyway bye for now