Disney! Wahoo!

Hey, Im in Florida just now – Kissimmee. The 23 hours on the train was very bad….felt like dying lol. Simon didnt get up once and never went to the loo….i coodnt believe it! haha. I went like 4 times!!!

Arrrived yesterday, and 2day we headed into the Magic Kingdom, then went to Epcot…but it started raining, and most of the rides closed down, so we headed back. Simon is having dinner and im just writing this.

2morra i dont know wot we will do, we need to get a bus pass cos its $1.50 for every bus we get but the week bus pass is $12….so $3 a day times by 7 is $21…so its cheaper to get the bus pass….we need to find the place that sells them. Might do that 2morra morning.

Anyway ill update in the next few days…simon got a wireless connection so we dont need to pay for the internet while we r here. (in florida)

Last Modified on June 23, 2016
this article Disney! Wahoo!

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