Heading To Whistler

Hey. We are heading to Whistler 2morra…its suppose to be a nice place to ski – not that im gonna try lol. We will probs just go for a walk, take pics and then sit in the hostel all day! LOL. Well thats what simon will want to do.

We then head back to Vancouver for a few nights b4 catching our flight on the 22nd to go to Toronto…we decided we will stay in Toronto till the 3rd July, as my money is low and trying to get up to Montreal, or Quebec might be difficult.

Simon is packed…his bag is rather full, even though his bag is 90 litres or something like that. Mines is nearly packed – just a towel and my pjs to go in…mines is VERY full but i still manage to get more stuff in it when i need to..and mines is only 65litres!

Oh yer that reminds me…on the gapyear website is said girls shouldnt have a bag bigger than 65litres…well i can tell u that every girl i have seen is carrying a bag just a tiny bit smaller than simons. I have the smallest bag going! …Then again they dont have the massive bag on wheels we have…but its full of gifts – and Simons 24 tshirts! right gonna start editing the pics to upload them….got a CLASSIC pic of Simon that gets me in hysterics everytime i look at it! FUNNY!