We have made it back to New York…i wood say safely but my finger got caught in the suitcase wheel, and the people at Toronto airport made me wait till they had sorted out my finger b4 letting me go! lol

For some reason the metal detectors keep going off, so i have to keep getting searched!  🙁  lol. Every since i put the key for the suitcase on my necklace! hmmmm lol

So we have our dorm room. Havent seen the couple yet, but there are 2 people in there. 2morra we r doing our last washing, so we will have dirty clothes to wash when we get back LOL.  😀

Also 2morra is July 4th, so i think we might be going out to the East side of town to see the fireworks….i think lol

Wednesday and Thursday we will be trying to fit in Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Wax Musuem….and shopping cos Simon needs to get presents! LOL ….always leaving it till the last minute!

….oh yer might not be on as much here cos we have to pay for the internet! ….and they only give u 24 hours!!!!! How annoying!

Anyway best go. 4 nights till we leave 😀

Last Modified on May 13, 2018
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