Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park


Im in one piece  🙂   . Left the hostel at 8.30am . Walked for 1/2 an hour to the subway station and got the train to Yorkdale. We then had to get a bus to the theme park. The queues were HUGE, and then park had only just opened. We FINALLY managed to get in, and headed for the rides.

I managed 7 or 8 rollercoasters b4 we headed back lol. On Top Gun, is records the whole ride (u have a camera in front of ur face)…i didnt watch the video (which u can buy on dvd), but we r heading back to go on the rest of the rollercoasters so i think we r gonna try Top Gun again and then buy the DVD, so everyone can laugh at me scared out of my pants of the ride! LOL I really dont like rollercoasters but Simon thinks im a scaredy cat!

We went on the Tomb Raider ride which u lie down on! That was a werid one! Going upside down when ur laying down! LMAO. Might go on that one again!

Anyway bye for now

Heading To Whistler

Hey. We are heading to Whistler 2morra…its suppose to be a nice place to ski – not that im gonna try lol. We will probs just go for a walk, take pics and then sit in the hostel all day! LOL. Well thats what simon will want to do.

We then head back to Vancouver for a few nights b4 catching our flight on the 22nd to go to Toronto…we decided we will stay in Toronto till the 3rd July, as my money is low and trying to get up to Montreal, or Quebec might be difficult.

Simon is packed…his bag is rather full, even though his bag is 90 litres or something like that. Mines is nearly packed – just a towel and my pjs to go in…mines is VERY full but i still manage to get more stuff in it when i need to..and mines is only 65litres!

Oh yer that reminds me…on the gapyear website is said girls shouldnt have a bag bigger than 65litres…well i can tell u that every girl i have seen is carrying a bag just a tiny bit smaller than simons. I have the smallest bag going! …Then again they dont have the massive bag on wheels we have…but its full of gifts – and Simons 24 tshirts! right gonna start editing the pics to upload them….got a CLASSIC pic of Simon that gets me in hysterics everytime i look at it! FUNNY!

Broken Brace & Homeless People

Firstly….ive broken my brace even more…yes i broke it about 4 weeks ago, but now its broken even more!!! The metal bit has come right off my tooth (the back tooth)….so now i have an elastic band dangling in my mouth and a huge piece of wire stuck in my gum!! And i dread eating or swallowing just incase the metal piece comes off the wire and chokes me! (it seems to move up and down the wire but wont actually come off!!) So now i have 4 weeks of pain and suffering to put up with again.

…now onto the next topic of discussion…Homeless people. When i come home i wont be giving any charities money for a while. The amount of people ive handed money just to stop them bothering me. Not that simon helps…he walks poat a money who asks for change, he turns to me and goes “u have money give it her”…so she walks up to me and puts her basket thing out in front of me so i have to go through my wallet and find money to give her…even though its me who is struggling for money! grrr

…Went to Vancouver Lookout 2day, which is just like the Space Needle and the Empire State Building. And we have the CN tower in toronto go go up too! lol. Gonna try getting the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay and then get a bus up to Grouse Mountain in the next few days…also the same bus goes to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Just need to find out the prices though.

Anyway better go..more pics coming soon



Seattle – 6th June

So this is our last stop in America for now…only New York left but thats to go home. So on the 9th June we head into Canada. 3 stops in Canada and then off to New York for the last leg of the journey.

The past 8 weeks and 1 day (lol) have gone quick. Cant believe ive lasted 8 weeks. Ive concoured (sp? lol) talking to people, phoning people. I used public transport – buses, taxis, planes etc I managed to put up with Simon 24/7 for this long…just. Ive made friends with people, and hopefully will keep in touch with them.

Its gone so quick!!

….anyway today we went to Seattle Space needle. 520 feet high…after nearly passing out in the lift we managed to see the views – beautiful. Simon didnt want to stay up there so we headed back down…after nearly passing out in the lift for the second time, we headed to the gift shop, where yet again i spent most of my money on gifts lol. Managed to buy gifts for Dad, and Nana. Ill have to post the gifts down to nana unless she comes to visit or i go visit. Still havent managed to find anything nice for mum though 🙁 Ill hopefully find something nice for her. If i have space ill try buying Sam and Lisa something else as everyone has 2 gifts apart from them too.

We then headed back to the hostel – after stopping in the dog bakery to pick up a few things for my lil baby (Toby) lol. Got him a few treats and a toy to play with.

God knows how i will get them all in my bag. The amount of stuff ive bought!!! Im glad i only had my clothes in my bag to start with!! I might have to dump a few things aswell if i need more space! ….or buy yet another bag!! . Simon has fun with his big suitcase he bought cos it has wheels so he can roll it down hills fast . When we arrive in hostels everyone looks at us cos we have bags everywhere!! . But we r only doing this once – well hopefully more – but if its the only time we r gonna travel we have to buy stuff to remind ourselves. Most people dont buy any gifts and just travel – whats the point in that??? Id rather have bought people gifts than be selfish and get fuck all!

Anyway id better go lol…ive wrote a novel

P.S mum what would u like?