Seattle – 4th June

Hey FINALLY arrived in Seattle after our flight got delayed by 3 hours!! Every form of transport we go on seems to either get cancelled, delayed or just doesnt bother turning up!!

But we have arrived, our first question was where is the nearest McDonalds, as we were starving. We both got Double Quarter Pounder Meals…only $6 each. Then headed back to the hostel for a nice shower. That was nice and refreshing!! Now we r in the common room on the internet.

We r staying in a dorm for 3 nights and then moving into a private room on wednesday for 2 nights. So we are in a 6 bed mixed dorm, 2 other people in it just now but it doesnt really matter. A comfy bed is all i ask for lol. Still means if i need the loo i have to walk out the room and run down the corridor to the loo!! lol. Oh well!

Dont know what we will do 2morra, i know we are doing the washing.

Oh i was talkin to this lady on the train when we were heading to San Francisco, she sat next to me. She pointed out that on the back of the new quarter doller coins are different states. So there will be a coin for every state. Ive already got 7 states…simon has 4 that i dont have but he wont give me them…might give him money in exchange. But i want them all!!! How cool is that?? or have i lost my mind? LMAO

Gallery Update

Gallery is updated with all the pictures ive taken so far. Heading back to San Francisco today, then flying to Seattle on Sunday so there probs wont be any updates til about Monday.

C Ya

Yosemite National Park

Hey, we arrived in the National Park yesterday to find out that there was a rock slide, thankfully the hostel was b4 the rock slide. We went on a tour 2day, which was good. Yosemite is beautiful – ill be uploading pictures soon.

Anyway the only problem we have now is that we have tickets for a bus that no longer can get through cos of the rck slide. ive emailed amtrak and they r no help. so ill have to figure something out unless amtrak actualy get off their arses and help me cos ive paid for the ticket and i want to get on a bus that will get us to our train on time. Hopefully they will get back to me 2morra.

16 miles – Cycling Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Cycling = Fun
Cycling = PAIN
Cycling = BAD!

Cycling over the bridge was fine…it was the cycling b4 and after the bridge that just burned my leg muscles!! 16 miles…the most excerise ive probably done in 5 years!

Im just about to edit all the pics ive taken from San Francisco and ill probs have them uploaded by the end of the night!

Booked the last 3 journeys we have to take….we still have a week with nowhere to stay…but we might just stay in Toronto for an extra week, as we are only staying there 4 nights just now which isnt a lot. Decided to book a plane journey from Toronto to New York as they train takes over 12 hours and we arrive in New York at night 70 blocks away from the hostel…so i made simon give me his card to pay for the flight…ive paid him back its ok! LOL

Nothing much else has happened…hopefully i wont be in pain 2morra! lol

25th May – Sitting Around

Hey, we havent done anything 2day. I booked tickets last night for Alcatraz but there was an error so i phoned them (YES I PHONED THEM!) and it took 10 pounds off my mobile – Simon woodnt let me use his as it would waste his money – even though his is an american phone number. So after wasting all my money Simon finally gave me his phone – after A LOT of moaning. And after about 30 minutes to an hour of trying i finally got through, and they said i hadnt booked any tickets (that must have been what the error was talking about!!) So i booked 2 tickets for 2morra.

So 2morra we will head out about 11am and head slowly up the road. Take a detour to go to Lombard Street (the crookedest street) and then head up to Fishermans Wharf to Pier 41 to get our tickets. Take some pictures of Pier 39 (famous cos of its been overtaken by seals, they love to sunbathe there – dont know why cos its freezing here!) Head on the tour to Alcatraz and then head back to the hostel.

Saturday i think we will walk around and see China town and some of the shopping centres.

Sunday we will hire bikes and cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge.

All should be fun if Simon stops annoying me so much…but i dont see that happening soon.

Better go  🙂

San Francisco

Hey. Arrived here at about 6pm (2am UK time), and it took a while to find the place. Went to the nearest hostel, as Simon was moaning as it was an up hill climb and he was moaning that i didnt know how far it was to the hostel – not like ive been here b4 or anything so how the hell should i know where im going or how far it is?? Yer so i get the blame cos he is carrying my bag…how can i carry a massive bag when my back kills me from carrying my own bag + the 2 day bags???? Yer so as u cann tell i was a tad pissed off and stood in the middle of the street shouting at Simon with lots of people staring at me…not that i could give a shit though.

So i booked 2 tickets for Alcatraz, but an error came up so i have to phone them 2morra and see if it actually went through. I told Simon i have to use his fone as my fone doesnt seem to work when i fone people. So 2morra ill use his fone for a few minutes lol.

Dont know what im doing 2morra though apart from that. We stay here till the 30th so 6 nights here. Then we head to Yosemite National Park for 4 nights, then come back to San Francisco for 1 night.

Anyway id better go. Might see if i can get some shopping done or something …then again i might need to send stuff home cos i have no space in my bag!…and Simon will read this and moan at me….any bets anyone?