San Francisco

Hey. Arrived here at about 6pm (2am UK time), and it took a while to find the place. Went to the nearest hostel, as Simon was moaning as it was an up hill climb and he was moaning that i didnt know how far it was to the hostel – not like ive been here b4 or anything so how the hell should i know where im going or how far it is?? Yer so i get the blame cos he is carrying my bag…how can i carry a massive bag when my back kills me from carrying my own bag + the 2 day bags???? Yer so as u cann tell i was a tad pissed off and stood in the middle of the street shouting at Simon with lots of people staring at me…not that i could give a shit though.

So i booked 2 tickets for Alcatraz, but an error came up so i have to phone them 2morra and see if it actually went through. I told Simon i have to use his fone as my fone doesnt seem to work when i fone people. So 2morra ill use his fone for a few minutes lol.

Dont know what im doing 2morra though apart from that. We stay here till the 30th so 6 nights here. Then we head to Yosemite National Park for 4 nights, then come back to San Francisco for 1 night.

Anyway id better go. Might see if i can get some shopping done or something …then again i might need to send stuff home cos i have no space in my bag!…and Simon will read this and moan at me….any bets anyone?

Last Modified on May 13, 2018
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