Seattle – 4th June

Hey FINALLY arrived in Seattle after our flight got delayed by 3 hours!! Every form of transport we go on seems to either get cancelled, delayed or just doesnt bother turning up!!

But we have arrived, our first question was where is the nearest McDonalds, as we were starving. We both got Double Quarter Pounder Meals…only $6 each. Then headed back to the hostel for a nice shower. That was nice and refreshing!! Now we r in the common room on the internet.

We r staying in a dorm for 3 nights and then moving into a private room on wednesday for 2 nights. So we are in a 6 bed mixed dorm, 2 other people in it just now but it doesnt really matter. A comfy bed is all i ask for lol. Still means if i need the loo i have to walk out the room and run down the corridor to the loo!! lol. Oh well!

Dont know what we will do 2morra, i know we are doing the washing.

Oh i was talkin to this lady on the train when we were heading to San Francisco, she sat next to me. She pointed out that on the back of the new quarter doller coins are different states. So there will be a coin for every state. Ive already got 7 states…simon has 4 that i dont have but he wont give me them…might give him money in exchange. But i want them all!!! How cool is that?? or have i lost my mind? LMAO