The Grand Canyon

We visited this big hole in the ground today, the tour guide thoutght it would be fun if we all went down it. So we did exactly that the views were breathtaking and hard to ignore as they were everywhere. The whole place was like a tourist trap, people everywhere trying to snap the perfect picture. (Get in my way again and and i will snap…. you in half) The descent into the hole was tricky, just a rocky path down the side of a massive cliff, we braved all odds and made it to where we were told to turn around. The climb up was a little more difficult, as the air grew thinner as we climbed. I couldnt tell if i was out of breathe because all i could hear was sammie gasping for air in front of me. Finally at the top we travelled to some other scenic spots then made our way back to our luxurious accomodation


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