Viva Las Vegas


Arrived in Las Vegas! Its 105 degrees (about 40 i think). Its HOT! Van hardly walk for 5 mins without sweating buckets! (not that u wanted to know that!). We left Flagstaff along with Sofie and Christian, and they are staying in the same hostel. We have booked up a Hoover Dam tour on Sunday, for the 4 of us. So it should be cool to go out with them. They are from Denmark (i think) If i find the flag ill know its the right country! LOL. !!

2morra we are heading up to the Strip to see all the Casinos etc. Mayb get some more gifts…then again i have one HUGE bag (which is new) full of gifts…and my 65l backpack is full of gifts too…and thats me not even got everyone gifts…i still have Sam, Hezz and Em to get stuff for…and I CANT FIND ANYTHING lol. I know what im looking for but finding the stuff its HARD! !!

So its 11.15pm just now and its about 35 degrees (95) SO HOT! So night for now 😀

Last Modified on May 13, 2018
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