Well Im Still Here!

Well its been over 2 weeks and im still here! haha Havent given up yet! Ive got the cold…god knows how when its like 90 degrees! But i suppose it will pass…hopefully!

Trying to book up the next hostel but they wont get back to me! 🙁 Ill try emailing them again…probs annoying them but hey i need it sorted! 😀 Ive been booking up hostels till the end of may…so far ive got 1 done…i still have 4 waiting on replys! Waiting on Miami, LA, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon….ive booked up San Francisco. Just emailed Miami again, and so hopefully they will get back to me…they told me to book online via the website but when i try it tells me to fone them…so i emailed them asking if i cood just book by email. No ay am i phoning them…and simon isnt going to do it. Need to phone Air Alaska too but ive told Simon that he is doing it cos ive organised everything else.

Yesterday we went to gatorland (pics will be uploaded later on)…it was a good place to go but i was so ill that we had to go back to the hostel!

Nothing else has happened really. Ill update soon!

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